Modi to walk ‘hand in hand’ with Delhi


New Delhi: Addressing a rally on Sunday at West Delhi’s Dwarka, Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleged that the Aam Aadmi Party and the Congress are irresponsible and should not be trusted with power. He urged the voters to give him an opportunity to ‘walk hand in hand’ with them. Meanwhile Congress Leader Sonia Gandhi accused BJP of practising ‘Politics of Hatred.

He said,”A competition of making false promises, telling lies and imposing false allegations is going on between these two groups.” He also added that he has planned to take Delhi to new heights since Delhi is a symbol of India’s ‘Pride and Prestige’.

“Governments who believe in dharnas just want time on TV,” said Modi referring to AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal.

Before Modi’s speech, Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi also held a rally in South Delhi’s Badarpur and accused BJP of inciting communal riots in  Dilshad Garden and Church attacks in Vikaspuri.

“You must remember the huge promises made to you by BJP before election. Where is the black money they promised to bring back? Where is employment? Has inflation been curbed?”

BJp is scheduled to hold 250 rallies in the next six days. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be addressing two more rallies on 3and 4 February while Arvind Kejriwal is set to address four rallies in  Narela, Chandni Chowk, Sadar Bazar and Balimaran.