Modi Urges Indian Scientists To Visit India


Washington: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday urged Indian scientists who are part of the LIGO project to interact with Indian students and visit Indian universities as much as possible.

India and the US on Thursday signed an MoU for setting up a new Laser Interferometer Gravitational- Wave Observatory (LIGO) in India that will play significant role in carrying forward front line research on various aspects of gravitational wave astronomy.

Boston-based Nancy Aggarwal, one of the two Indian students involved with the project who met Modi here, said the Prime Minister was very curious to hear about the project and how it can be further helpful in boosting science and science education in the country.

“He said, he would like Indian scientists at LIGO to go back to India and popularize the science to India, so that we can get more people motivated,” said Aggarwal, a PhD student at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston.

Modi during the interaction said it would be great for India and the US to work together which would help create a brand new breed of Indian technicians, she said. The prospect of LIGO India has opened up new prospect of opportunities in India, she added.

Another Indian PhD student from Georgia Institute of Technology Karan P Jani impressed Prime Minister with his answer.