Modi Trying To Run Parallel Government In Bengal: Mamata


Gayeshpur: Attacking the special observers appointed by Election Commission in West Bengal, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Sunday accused the Centre of trying to run a parallel government in the state by sending in “officers from Delhi”.

The Trinamool Congress supremo also hit out at Special Poll Observer Ajay Nayak for his comment comparing the political situation in Bengal with that of Bihar 10 years ago, alleging that “retired officers” like him are abusing and insulting the people of Bengal.

“There is an elected government in the state. But they are trying to run a parallel government here by sending people from Delhi. It is unconstitutional. They are changing officers every day, saying whatever they wish in the name of Bengal and trying to help the BJP in every way possible,” Banerjee said at an election rally in Nadia district’s Gayeshpur.

“They are abusing Bengal. They are comparing Bengal with Bihar. The retired officers are making political statements. I respect the retired officers. But they are trying to control duty officers here. Bengal will not tolerate any kind of abuse,” she said.

Mocking several BJP leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and party chief Amit Shah, who are frequently coming to Bengal ahead of the 2019 polls, Banerjee compared them with “seasonal birds”, who do not have any knowledge about Bengal’s culture, traditions and people.

Daring the Modi government to send “five crore central force personnel” from Delhi during the polls, she said BJP will still draw a blank in Bengal in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

“They are sending police from Delhi as they do not have faith in the police force here. What would the Delhi Police do? In 2016 assembly polls, the election was held by deploying central force in 100 per cent booths. We know the result,” she said.