Modi Releases Book Authored by Jain Acharya


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday released a book titled “Maru Bharat Saru Bharat “(My India Noble India) written by Jain Acharya Ratnasundersuriswarji Maharaj through video conference.

Addressing the book release function organized by Sahitya Satkar Samiti of Ratnatrayee Trust held in Mumbai, the Prime Minister lauded the works of Acharya Ratnasundersuriswarji Maharaj and said penning 300 books was not a small achievement.

Several aspects of life have found their reflection in the works of Maharaj Saheb. The Prime Minister said that these books resonate his “divya vani” which reflects the urge to give back to the society and that ‘rashtra (national) dharma’ is above every dharma(religion).

The Prime Minister lauded the role of saints and said it is India’s heritage that has given saints who have led the society towards Nation building. He urged the people to strive for poverty alleviation, clean India and to harness the energy of millions of youth towards a strong nation on the move.

The Prime Minister emphasized that India has never talked about communalism but always preached spirituality for the benefit of mankind. “We believe that every problem can be solved through Spirituality,” He said

Acharya Ratnasundersuriswarji Maharaj thanked the Prime Minister for addressing through video conference from New Delhi and said that “Families have values and the countries have culture”. The function held in Mumbai was attended by Jain seers and people from all walks of life. This is Maharaj Saheb’s 300th book.