‘Modi Ram, Amit Lakshman, Me Hanuman’


Kolkata: BJP leader Joy Banerjee said that Narendra Modi is Ram for the party workers, whereas Amit Shah is Lakhsman and he himself is Hanuman.

A meeting of the BJP party will be convened at Delhi’s Ambedkar hall. Joy Baneerjee is on his way to Delhi to attend the meeting. At the airport, he gave an interview to Kolkata24x7.

On questioning him of BJP’s strategy to win all 42 seats in West Bengal, Joy said, The party strategy cannot be said in public. But Amit Shah has done the strategy and has fixed the target.”

Joy also said that Amit Shah is not just a politician but also a mathematician. He said, “Maths is very much needed to achieve success in sports or examinations in today’s world. Amit Shah understand mathematics very well. He has, of course, set a strategy for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. He will instruct us on that basis.”

Joy added, “Modi ji is our Ram, Amit Shah Ji is our Lakhsman. And I consider myself
as Hanuman. Whatever instructions they will give, I will follow being the Hanuman.”