Modi proposes ‘Dus Kadam’ to bring BRICS members closer


Ufa: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday proposed 10 steps ‘Dus Kadam’ to bring the members of the BRICS closer. Addressing the BRICS summit in Ufa in Russia, Prime Minister Modi said that the world can reduce any challenges if focus is made on the reforms of the United Nations and the UN security council.

Speaking on the issue of climate change he said, “Climate change is one of our foremost global challenges. We need to focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency.”

Modi termed it as Dus Kadam: 10 steps for the future.”

Here are the ten steps proposed by the Indian Prime Minister

  • BRICS Trade Fair
  • BRICS Railway Research Centre
  • Cooperation Among Supreme Audit Institutions
  • BRICS Digital Initiative
  • BRICS Agricultural Research Centre
  • BRICS state/Local Government’s Forum
  • Cooperation amont cities in field of Urbanisation
  • BRICS Sports Council and Annual BRICS Sports Meet
  • First Major Project of NDB to be in field of Clean Energy
  • BRICS Film Festival