Modi, Obama Discusses Climate Change Over Phone

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Washington: US President Barack Obama on Tuesday called up Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss the progress made in climate change negotiations currently underway in Paris, the White House said.

Early Tuesday morning the President spoke with Prime Minister Modi, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters at his daily news conference.

It is likely that Mr Obama would also be talking over phone with his Chinese counterpart too, he said. A day earlier, Mr Obama had spoken with his Brazilian counterpart Dilma Rousseff.

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Mr Earnest said the US President is closely following the developments in Paris where more than 180 countries are trying to hammer out a deal on climate change.

“I can tell you that earlier today, the (US) President placed a telephone call to Prime Minister Modi of India to discuss the ongoing negotiations,” Mr Earnest said.

“I would anticipate that over the course of this week as the negotiations continue, the President would be in touch with other world leaders,” he said.

Mr Obama is getting regular updates from his team in Paris about the status of the negotiations, he added.

In Paris last week, Barack Obama had met PM Modi on the sidelines of the climate change summit. He had also met his Chinese counterpart.

Mr Earnest said the US President is optimistic about the success of the Paris summit.

“Well, again, he is, but primarily for the reasons that he said when he was in Paris last week, which is even in advance of the Paris negotiations, we saw the international community mobilise to make significant commitments to cut carbon pollution,” he said.