Modi Likely To Launch India’s Second Nuke Submarine


New Delhi: India’s second nuclear-armed submarine is now ready for launch, a critical step towards a planned quick induction into the Indian Navy to strengthen strategic deterrence. The ‘Aridaman’, which has been under construction at the secretive Ship Building Centre in Visakhapatnam, could be launched as early as in the next six to eight weeks.

The first submarine was launched by then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in September 2009. His wife Gursharan Kaur had formally launched the vessel according to the tradition of the Indian Navy as a lady is supposed to to inaugurate the ship.

The second nuclear Submarine IND Aridaman is likely to be launched in the last week of next month at Shipbuilding facility in Visakhapatnam, sources told Defence Aviation Post.
INS Aridaman is likely to be bigger then its previous avatar and more lethal in all parameters, said the sources. The first submarine was inducted into the Navy last year in a hush hush manner. The launch of the second nuclear submarine comes in the ongoing military standoff with China.

After being moved under the power of harbour tugs to Site Bravo, the Aridaman will undergo several tests over the next year, including the crucial activation of the nuclear reactor. All major components that include the all-important missile launchers and torpedo tubes are already integrated and the submarine would be tested using external power.