Modi to inaugurate Vibrant Guajarat


Gandhinagar: Prime minister Narendra modi is to inaugurate the seventh edition of Vibrant Gujarat on Sunday, the Business Summit of Gujarat Government in Gandhinagar. The summit will be attended by Unioted Nations Secretary General Ban-ki-Moon and US Secretary of State John Kerry, several ministers from Europe, Japan, Australia and Canada and 50 CEOs of Top Indian as well as international companies.

Modi who had lauched the Summit in 2003 while in the Chief Minister’s chair is present at the eveent for the first time as the Prime Minister. The three day summit will continue till the 13 January.

Eight countries including the US, Canada and Japan have for the first time become partner nations for the summit.
Ban-Ki-Moon will inagurate Gujarat’s first 10MW solar power Plant on the Narmada river canal.