‘Modi Hatao, Desh Bachao’, Mamata Slams PM


Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee continued her attacks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the centre on Thursday. She attacked Modi by saying, “Modi hatao…desh bachao”

CM Mamata at a press meet said, “We understood the dangerous effects of demonetisation and reacted in 40 mins. Good others have joined.More will. Better late than never. Modi hatao. Desh bachao… is our slogan. I received feedback from all the districts. The situation is grim due to demonetization.”

CM Mamata said that, “Tea garden workers and jute workers are not receiving wages. Jewellery industry workers, transport sector is badly hit. Rural economy is suffering. They have modified their decision from dawn to dusk. Who is running the country.”

CM Mamata added, “Alibaba and his four associates are bulldozing their opinion on the country. 92% villages of India do not have banks and the government wants to bulldoze in cashless economy. There is cash crunch as well as bank crunch. Banks unable to dispense even weekly limit of Rs 24000. Markets are severely hit. Pension holders cannot withdraw money. In some places barter system has started. In lieu of labour, paddy/food grains are given.”

CM Mamata also said, “In Bengal we have a humane govt that is firmly beside the people. We give rice at Rs 2 per kilo. Healthcare in Bengal at govt hospitals is free. A lot of people who worked in jewellery sector, zari work, construction, marble sector in other States have come back. We will send a list of feedback from people who have lost their livelihood to the President. People are losing their trust on banks. This is a serious matter.”

“India is on the brink of an economic disaster. Potato cultivation has suffered. What will people eat in future? A man who has honestly saved his earnings for lifetime is also afraid of IT raids now. Where is the black money? Where are the 15 lakhs he was supposed to bring back from abroad. Demonetisaion is the biggest scam since independence,” said Mamata

The Chief Minister also attacked by saying, ‘Modi hatao, Desh bachao’ is our only slogan. A person who started his career with riots, cannot govern the country. A person who does not even trust his own countrymen is leading the country. From 1 Jan – 8 Jan Trinamool will organise protests across State with slogan ‘Modi hatao, desh bachao’. On 28 December, district presidents will meet block level presidents and prepare a report on feedback from ground on demonetization. There is step-motherly attitude towards Bengal. Tea garden workers of Assam are getting money not Bengal.”

To conclude, she said that “PM made demonetisation announcement which was supposed to come from RBI. Parliament is the temple of democracy but no statement was even laid on demonetization there. Modi Sarkar has lost their credibility. They have no moral right to stay in office.”