Modi Breaks His Silence Over Chitfund Scam


Kolkata: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has finally opened his mouth on Chitfund scam. Narendra Modi attacked the leaders of political parties participating in the New India rally in Kolkata under the leadership of Trinamool Supremo, He will not compromise with corruption and do not rest until punishment is given to the corrupt people.

Modi has played the role in the country’s division. India’s tradition is being hampered by the influx of corruption and communal divisions. BJP’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is responsible for this. BJP will be defeated in upcoming LS elections. The BJP government, therefore, is using the central agency to harass the opponents.The chief minister sat in the streets of Kolkata to save India campaign.

On Wednesday, Modi posted on Facebook about corruption. He said, my war against corruption is very scary. Opponents have gathered in Kolkata. Attacking me just because the leader of opposition political party and any member of his family is involved in corruption. But I will not rest till the corrupt punishment is given.