‘Modi Babu, Arrest All My MPs & MLAs, But We Cannot Be Deterred’


Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee made a scathing attack at Prime Minister Narendra Modi on demonetization on Friday.

CM Mamata addressed a press conference at Nabanna where she said, “Today is the end of Modi ji’s self-set 50-day deadline. 50 days of demonetisation are over. The country went through a tumultuous situation. PM promised to bring back black money. He has not been able to do so. He has destroyed the economy. He has endangered the external and internal security of the country due to demonetisation. I hope the restrictions on cash withdrawal will be withdrawn. Will normalcy of life be restored now?.”

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CM Mamata said, “Large amount of cash deposited in banks was white money. Where is the fake currency? People were not getting cash but few people were caught with large amounts of cash. A parallel economy has been created. People have lost faith in banking system. Banks were nationalized earlier. Now they are demoralized. If the PM cannot lead the people and keep his promise, he has no moral right to hold the PM’s office.

CM Mamata lashed out at Modi. She said, “The PM must apologize to the nation and step down. If BJP thinks they have majority make someone else the PM. People have been misled. What is the situation of the economy? What is the GDP? From MSME to agriculture, entire country has been jeopardized. We have given money for housing schemes but people are unable to withdraw from banks. Marketing for a Chinese company is going on. Why is the PM behaving like Paytm’s feriwala? What is the hidden agenda.”

CM Mamata further asked, “Why did SEBI and RBI not act against chit funds earlier. Our movement against note ban is people’s movement. If an actor does a programme on a channel how can he be blamed? Who gave permission for the channel. Even Amitabh ji is promoting a state. Many film stars and cricketers promoted Sahara. Was Centre sleeping? BJP is connected to Pearl group chit fund scam worth Rs 50000 Crore. Babul Supriyo and Rupa Ganguly also were associated with Rose Valley.”

CM Mamata alleged that, “Political vendetta has reached a new low. I will not be surprised if they arrest all our MPs.We have not forgotten what Centre did during the Bengal Polls. This is akin to terror of pre-Independence era. Modi Babu, arrest all my MPs and MLAs if you want. You don’t need to summon us. We are ready. But we cannot be deterred. We have been talking of electoral reforms since 1995. How much money has been recovered from Swiss banks? What has been done about panama papers and bank NPAs? GDP has lost 3-4 lakh Crore in a month. A loss of 2-3% which can never be recovered. A lottery app has been named after Ambedkar by Centre. This is crude mentality and insult to backward classes.”

CM Mamata pointed out that, “Poor people are suffering because the Centre wanted to help 50 families. This is anti-poor government. We thank the President for his comments on intolerance. A regime of fear has been created in the country. Doordarshan has become Modidarshan. Goebbels’ theory was defeated in Bengal. Modi ji must not try it again. A national govt may be formed if required. Country is not safe under this govt. Recession has set in. Farmers are suffering. Unorganised sector is in crisis. We will fight for the people. Ultimately this govt will lose and people will win. Why is RBI not disclosing how much money has been released to which state. They have raided Arvind Kejriwal’s officer. Even today they carried out raids in Delhi I saw on twitter. They are targeting everyone who are speaking against them. Atal ji had asked Modi to follow Raj Dharma after Gujarat riots. 111 people have lost their lives. How many BJP leaders visited their house.”

CM Mamata said, “They are in power today but tomorrow they will not be in power. Political vindictiveness can boomerang on them. BJP must be defeated in UP, Punjab, Uttarakhand and wherever there are elections. Revenues of states have shrunk by 25%. My life is one of struggle. I’m not afraid of them. State govt will give 10% DA to employees in January.