Modi Addresses Nation on Mann Ki Baat


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing the nation today on the 14th edition of his monthly radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’.

We all love festivities, but at times there are crisis during the festive season and this is saddening. Central government’s team is in Tamil Nadu, I have full faith in strength of Tamil Nadu.

After Nepal Earthquake I spoke to Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and gave a suggestion that all SAARC countries should work together for disaster preparedness and Had given the idea of SAARC nations coming together and working on disaster preparedness.

নরেন্দ্র মোদীর ‘মন কি বাত’

I got a call from Lakhwinder Singh from Jalandhar. He asked that the farmers who put on to fire their fields, How to guide them. Lakhwinder ji, I am very Happy that you yourself do Organic Farming and you understand the problems of farmers very well.

First solution is that we need to train our farmers and make them aware of burning crop stubble impact. The leftover of farming is also very useful, It is a fertiliser in itself. Small experiments can result in great benefits, our farmers no less than scientists

Last time I spoke about Organ donation. Organ donation can save valuable lives, in a way it brings immortality. What could be a bigger donation than this?

Differently-abled people are a source of inspiration for us. Their determination & courage is remarkable. I am told that after the last Mann Ki Baat, the helpline is getting an increased response.

On 3rd December we will mark ‘International Day of Persons with Disabilities.’ Their courage is remarkable
Today we will talk about Javed Ahmed. In 1996 Javed Ahmed was shot by terrorists but he survived. He couldn’t stand on his feet after that but he did not give up.’

Javed turned this crisis into a compassion; He dedicated his life towards social service.

The World is concerned about climate change. Earth’s temperature should not further increase, this is a responsibility of everyone. Whenever philanthropists Bill Gates and Melinda Gates meet me, they appreciate the ASHA workers.

One ASHA worker serves in a small Odisha village called Tendagaon, malaria infested region. The best way to make sure that Earth’s temperature is not further increased, is by energy conservation.

Woman named Noor Jehan in Kanpur is doing an unthinkable job; She is providing light to poor by using solar energy.

She has formed a committee of women and set up a plant of solar energy lanterns. And for the minimal charge of Rs. 100, she rents these lantern.

One Noor Jehan is inspiring the whole world. And her name also implies giving light to the whole world.