Moder Gorob Moder Ashaaa, Aa Mori Bangla Bhasha


Kolkata: Bengali is a language embedded with a rich tradition and heritage. It is just not a medium of expression. It is not a way conversation, it is our pride. From Rabindranath to Jibananda Das, Najrul to Sukanta all have paid homage to this language. February 21, as we all know is celebrated as the International Mother Language day all over the world.

Bangladesh is paying homage to the Bengali heroes who gave their lives in demanding Bangla as a state language of the Pakistan in 1952. Many struggle associated with this day. The immortal line – ‘Amar Bhaier Rokte Rangano Ekushey February, Ami Ki Bhulite Pari’ (Can I forget the twenty-first of February/ incarnadined by the blood of my brother?) is on every lips of Bengalis.

The spirit of ‘Amar Ekushey’, transcending the boundary of Bangladesh, is now inspiring the people of different languages of the world to protect and preserve their own languages and cultures.

Language is a form of celebration. Without language we become handicapped. Today we wrapped up with emotions and sentiment.  So, can we not speak just in Bengali in this day? At the same time, it’s the day to take responsibility of preserving one’s own language. So, let’s celebrate the day with ‘Moder Gorob Moder Ashaaa, Aa Mori Bangla Bhasha’

Article ByPiku Mukherjee (Argha)


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