Model Allegedly Blackmailed & Raped, Accused Actor Arrested


Kolkata: A tollywood actor accused of blackmailing and raping a model, has been arrested on Saturday by the Regent Police Station officers.

Aniket Dah, the actor, has been accused of taking offensive pictures of the model and blackmailing her. As per sources, a relationship had developed between Aniket Dah and the young model. He has been accused of making false promises to the model to give her an opportunity in films. By making such false promises, he took several offensive pictures of her.rape

Aniket Dah even threatened her that he would leak the offensive pictures and brought her home. He then allegedly raped her several times.

The model lodged a complaint at the Regent Park Police Station on Friday against the actor. On the basis of the complaint filed, the police arrested Aniket Dah on Saturday. The police have booked the actor under charges of sexual and physical assault.


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