Mocambo Softens Stand on Racism Row


Kolkata:  Mocambo reverts back at last, claiming that they do not endorse racism. The manager of Mocambo, Ashish Malik cleared all allegations on social media by creating a new Facebook page.

Corporate employee Dilashi Hemnani and her driver were barred entry into the Park Street restaurant for the latter’s improper dressing. Social media went gaga over the issue, terming the Mocambo authorities as classist and racist. People were urged to Boycott Mocambo. Some even tried to flung old clothes in front of the restaurant and demanded the owner to be arrested. They were joined by Human Rights activists.

 Mocambo geared up for damage control, rubbished all disputes and stating that dress code is not vital, rather proper dressing is all that is needed. They believe that they had committed no wrong in this case. Nevertheless, they will pay heed to avoid such issues in future and will not discriminate among their clientele.

Earlier, a fake Mocambo Facebook page has been circulating wrong replies in this regard. However, the eatery remained silent on this.