Mobiles Instigate Rape: Mulayam’s ‘Swami’ Azam Khan


Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Minister Azam Khan has propagated a new theory blaming the repeated incident of rapes on mobile phones. The minister instead of addressing the growing rapes in Uttar Pradesh has squarely blamed the node of communication responsible.

Making an insensitive statement, the Uttar Pradesh minister said that minors are getting raped because of cell phones.

“2 1/2 year olds getting raped, why? Its because of mobile phones. Even in villages ppl can download things,” he said. “What you see in these mobile phones, it is accessible to little kids. There are films made where little kids are used,” he added. “What is being done about this? What punishment is given for this?,” he asked.

He said that obscene clips are easily accessible to youth and kids on mobile phones  and are ruining them. “It is these things that are accessible on mobile phones, that is ruining the youth and kids who havent even come of age,” he said.

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