Mobile App To Detect Malaria;Kolkata-Based Engineering College Developes


Kolkata: Whilst a lot of the innovation happening in mobile health has revolved around wearable devices that track and monitor our movements, or mobile apps that provide everything from measurement to diagnostics, the smartphone itself has become increasingly potent as a medical device in recent times.

Smartphones have become increasingly capable of performing a range of monitoring and detection services in recent years, whether it’s checking our eyes and ears or even scanning for cancer. We have also seen devices that look out for anemia, heart failure, and even the common cold.

A Kolkata-based engineering college has claimed to have developed a smartphone application and a device that will detect malaria within seconds at a much lower price than the charges of conventional pathological tests.

Researchers and professors of the Institute of Engineering and Management, Salt Lake (IEMS) have now approached the Union health ministry for recognition of the device-cum-app.

The Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST), Shibpur, near Kolkata, has provided the technical support for the development of the app-cum-device. To detect malaria, a life-threatening endemic disease, an individual has to purchase the device that will be priced about Rs 70 and download the app in the mobile phone.

The device that contains a micro camera, has to be connected with the camera of the phone. A drop of blood pricked from the finger of the infected person has to be placed on a dice attached to the device.

Each device will be able to conduct multiple tests that will help an infected person to regularly monitor the response of the medication.