Mission Impossible becomes too impossible


New York: Everything he does becomes news. Jumping from Burj Khalifa or taking a huge leap from a jet at 5,000 feet. Yes, we are talking about none other than world sexiest spy, Tom Cruise.

Ethan Hunt has taken on some of the world’s most dangerous villains in the deadly missions from ‘Mission Impossible’ series. But his latest mission may have been just ‘too’ impossible for him. So impossible that it requires some rewriting. Hunt’s ‘Mission Impossible 5’ halted for one week so that the film’s ending could be reworked. According to reports, the film’s director Christopher Macquarrie, Tom cruise and a third unknown writer took a week and halted the production process.Tom-Cruise

Mission: Impossible –Ghost protocol, the last film in the franchise which released in 2011 and did set a whole new box office record. It was also witnessed Tom scaling the world’s tallest building. With whatever fabulous and heart-throbbing actions, the film will clash with the timing of ‘Fast and Furious 7’.

The film which is doing the buzz in the Hollywood industry will be releasing on July 31.