Missing Nurse’s Body Found On Railway Tracks

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Kolkata: A missing nurse’s body of the K.S. Roy TB Hospital was found on the railway tracks on Tuesday.

Mohua Patra (39), a resident of Ibrahimpur road’s government’s housing went reportedly missing since August 21 morning. Mohua was the nurse in K.S. Roy TB Hospital. On Tuesday, her body was found on the railway tracks by the Jadavpur GRP.

Investigations and enquiries reveal that she was upset with her transfer to another hospital recently. The family of the nurse has filed a complaint with the police against unknown person(s). Though, after primary inspection, it is being ruled as a case of suicide.

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An audio has been released where the nurse’s voice is heard just before she died. She recorded statements and had forwarded it to her husband. In the audio, she mentioned that no one is responsible for her death. But if still anyone could be held responsible, it would be the entire health department, Bonosree Mondal, the nursing super, Sikha Mitra and her husband. The nurse was a patient of thallessaemia and accused the nurse super of giving her night duties inspite of her being unwell.