Helicopter Crashes In Nepal, 7 Killed


Update: All 7 people on board the chopper which crashed near #Nuwakot district in Nepal have died. Reports news agency ANI.

Kathmandu: A civil chopper en route to Kathmandu crashed near Nuwakot in Nepal, on Monday as per news agency ANI. 7 people were on board including pilot. Search operations are underway.

A helicopter of Nepal’s private Fishtail Air with six people on board was reported missing while flying from Gorkha district to Kathmandu on Monday.

It was initially suspected that the helicopter could have crashed in Nuwakot district, north of Kathmandu, as local residents had spotted smoke billowing from a forest.

Bishnu Pokhrel, chief district officer of Nuwakot district, said a team of police had been sent to the possible crash site after local residents informed police about a huge fire within a forest.

Fishtail Air confirmed a possible crash in the same area. According to Devendra KC, spokesperson for the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, the helicopter last made contact with ground control at 1pm local time.

Devendra said another helicopter of Fishtail Air had been deployed for a search operation.