Missile? What Missile? Daily Life In North Korea Continues


Pyongyang: While the world reels from North Korea’s latest show of nuclear strength, it appears the country’s troops have more pressing matters to attend to such as eating ice cream and attending flower exhibitions.

Three soldiers stand around and appear to be sharing a joke as they scoff ice creams

After thousands of the country’s military marched over the Easter weekend to celebrate the 105th anniversary of the birth of the nation’s founder Kim Il-Sung, some have been pictured chomping on the sweet treats and queuing in their masses for the floral show.

A North Korean traffic police-woman directs vehicles in Pyongyang, while a woman and two children munch ice creams as they cross the road

As tensions heightened across the globe, civilians enjoying the national holidays took to the country’s water parks and hundreds of children were seen playing.

A North Korean boy enjoys a water fall feature in the Munsu Water Park on a national holiday

North Korea attempted to fire a missile it introduced just hours previously at a military parade – but the launch was an embarrassing failure after the weapon blew up five seconds later.

A soldier walks on the bank of the river in central Pyongyang in front of a towering building in the background and the infamous bronze statues of the country’s leaders

It is thought to be one of the country’s new ‘game-changer’ intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) which was revealed to the world in a display of military might yesterday.

Two boys wearing military uniforms salute as they are photographed in a zoo

The South Korean defence ministry said it had detected a failed launch from Sinpo – where North Korea’s biggest submarine base is located.

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