Miscreants Fire at Father & Son in Murshidabad

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Murshidabad: A father and his son were openly shot fired early in the morning at Jagannath Ghat in Murshidabad by a group of miscreants on Wednesday.

Critically injured Father and son have been admitted to the local hospital. Terror has spread in the area after this fearful incident. The reason for the attack is not yet known. The District police administration has started investigation.

The police are also examining any political connection to this case. Sources said, a group of four to five people came with bikes. All of them had their faces wrapped in black cloth.

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According to sources, the injured person was a lottery businessman. The father and son also had left Congress and joined Trinamool a week earlier. District Trinamool President Mannan Hossain has claimed that changing party had caused the incident. Joining Trinamool after leaving Congress, lead to the firing by Congress sheltered miscreants, accused Hossain.