Miscreants Create Ruckus At Kalyani Bidhanchandra Krishi High School


Kalyani: Chaos has erupted in Kalyani Bidhanchandra Krishi High School from Wednesday
evening. The students were allegedly fell to the trap of the attack of atleast 150
goons. It has been alleged that the miscreants went on with the attack for the past
four hours. However, according to a professor, the chaos is the result of TMCP’s
factional feud.

According to sources, the miscreants attacked students and had their faces covered.
The TMCP has been accused for the attack. The ruckus was on for more than four
hours. It has been alleged that the goons did not leave the female stdents even.
The students in turn are protesting against this. A huge police force has been
rushed to the spot.

A peaceful protest was on for a few days at the school. But it turned violent on
Monday. It has been alleged that goons covered their faces with clothes and
enterred the school and started beating students. When students tried to protests,
they were attacked more. It has been also alleged that the attacks took place in
the presence of the police.

According to sources, activity of goons started recently in the school. Protests on
it started. However, professor Debashis Majumder said that it is the result of TMC
factional feud. The professors also fell victim to the attack. No complaint has
been registered against anyone yet.