‘Mio Amore’ Alleges To Sell Carcass Meat Goes Viral In Social Media


Kolkata: Favourites are not remaining favourite. Carcass meat is the recent concentration of Kolkatans. Restaurants are standing as the threat for the food lover. Chicken fry, Chicken wings now a definite nightmare. The chicken lover are in a stake to overcome the depression. Squizzing the bones of chicken is just a daydream now.

‘Mio Amore’, instant food satisfier alleged to produce Chicken Crosswindz or smokey chicken were containing dead animal meat in the stuff. The controversy spreaded in social media. An alert has been viral in WhatsApp containing statement ” A renowned brand has been identified to sell carcass meat in their product.” A racket blasted ,” every non-veg food used to contain chopped dead animal meat.”

Mio Amore-তেও ভাগাড়ের মাংস! কি বলছে সংস্থা?

Kolkata people are in shock as every daily food dependency coming up with a horrific side. The concern authority has replied and denied the allegation in a facebook post. They promptly mentioned a group is spreading the controversial rumour against them. They asked for further help to Kolkata Police Cyber Crime Cell. They will proceed through a legal procedure.