Minors sell blood to buy smartphone

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Lucknow: Three minor boys allegedly sold their blood to a blood bank for buying a smart phone and some pocket money. The incident occurred in Uttar Pradesh at Koli Pathology clinic. For each unit of blood, the boys were given Rs 500. The boys were 12-13 years old and were medically unfit to donate blood at such a young age. The minimum age limit for donating blood is 18.

Police have arrested the owner of the lab for luring the minors with money for blood. Police, have detained the minors. Among the minors, one claimed that “I was saving my pocket money to buy a smart phone. I got to know that if I donate blood, I will be given money. I donated blood for making easy money. I don’t know anything else.”

The true identity of the boys have not been revealed but it has been known that all the boys belonged to families below the poverty level.