Minority Leaders From TMC, Muslim League Join Congress

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Kolkata: In a boost to the Congress in West Bengal, several leaders of the minority communities joined the party on Monday (January 7). The move gives a push to the Congress to make inroads into the ruling TMC’s vote bank that enjoys the support of the minority communities.

Most of the newly-inducted leaders, who joined the Congress along with their supporters, belonged to the TMC. The three prominent names that were welcomed by the state Congress chief Somen Mitra were Kalyani Majumdar, Shahenshah Jahangir and Iftikhar Yusuf.
Kalyani Majumdar, till December 6, was secretary of TMC’s minority cell. Shahenshah Jahangir is former president of Muslim League in West Bengal while Iftikhar Yusuf is a former member of the CPI(M).

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Opposition leader Abdul Mannan was also present at the event when the leaders and their supporters joined the Congress.