Minority boost to BJP with 30 lakh Muslim members


Lucknow: Amidst the opposition’s drive to portray BJP as a radical Saffron outfit thriving on hardliner Hindu nationalism, the party is increasingly capturing minority support under Prime Minster Narendra Modi.

Until the last update, around 30 lakh Muslims had joined BJP in the recent drive. Although the party’s national minority cell chief Abdul Rasheed Ansari said that the exact strength of Muslims in the party was never calculated earlier, it could be roughly said that it has almost doubled now.

The minority cell indicate that states where BJP is in power have seen the maximum surge in Muslims joining the party. Around 4 lakh of them have joined in MP, followed by Gujarat (2.6 lakh), Delhi (2.5 lakh), West Bengal (2.3 lakh) Rajasthan and Assam (over 2 lakh each). UP BJP has also recorded around 1.75 lakh ‘missed calls’ from Muslims.

After this surge, the challenges that lie before the party are also daunting.

The first is to take this number from the present 3% (of the total 10 crore members) to 10% of the total strength. The other challenge would be to ensure that a majority of 30 lakh Muslims who have joined are converted into party workers through the mass contact programme that is going on.

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