Ministry Of External Affairs Grants Visas To Pakistani Actors


New Delhi: Despite ongoing tensions with Pakistan, the Indian government issued visas to Pakistani actors Adnan Siddiqui and Sajal Ali, a report in the Mumbai Mirror said.

Ever since the Uri attack last September, Indo-Pakistan relations have deteriorated due to incendiary statements and cross-border firing by Pakistan. Many Pakistani artists were forced to leave India, after chauvinistic parties like the MNS threatened them. Actors Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan were unable to promote their films and had to return to their country in the face of threats from far-right political party Shiv Sena.

However, the Ministry of External Affairs on Saturday granted visas to Pakistani actor Adnan Siddiqui and actress Sajal Ali so they can complete the filming of their movie in the country.

“In September, following the Uri attacks and the surgical strikes, Sajal and Adnan’s visas were rejected several times. Now they have obtained a visa for a month and will be flying to Delhi to shoot the final scenes and a song in February,” the Mumbai Mirror said citing a source in the film crew.

Sajal and Adnan will shoot for Mom, a woman-centric film produced by Bollywood diva Sridevi. The actress will also portray the film’s titular character.

According to media reports, Adnan will play the role of Sridevi’s husband while Sajal will play her daughter.