Minister Apologises To Guard Thrashed By His Security Officer


Ghaziabad:  Union minister Mahesh Sharma was allegedly waiting inside a car when his security staff assaulted a watchman at a residential complex near Delhi. The watchman had stopped the minister’s car at the gate and asked which house he was visiting.

“It took hardly two minutes for us to open the gate, still the minister’s security thrashed and abused us,” said one of the guards. The incident took place yesterday at the Ashiana Green apartments in Ghaziabad, where Mr Sharma, the Minister of State for Culture, had stopped by to visit his sister on the Raksha Bandhan festival.

“When I came to know of the incident, without finding out who is guilty I apologized to the society guard,” the minister said today. In a video circulated on social media, a security officer is seen repeatedly slapping a guard.

The officer is seen wagging a finger at the guard before lunging at him. He is seen attacking all three men at the spot until others with him finally step in. Residents have complained to the police but no FIR or First Information Report has been filed yet. The police say there was no pilot car to warn the society guards that the minister was arriving.