Minister Agrees Govt Bus Drivers Real ‘Heroes’ During Strike


Kolkata: State transport minister Suvendu Adhikari lauded the efforts of the governmental bus drivers who are plying the roads on the day of strike with their helmets on.

Speaking to the media, Adhikari said that a total of 1076 governmental buses are running on the streets of Kolkata. The minister also said, “11 governmental buses have been attacked. 9 WBTC and 2 SBSTC buses. A bus was attacked at Jamuria. The tyres of a bus at Durgapur was set on fire. I told the drivers to wear helmets and drive.”

Suvendu also said, “Only few people belong to CPM. From the morning itself, vegetables were thrown at governmental vehicles. But the transport service at the city is normal just like any other day. However, the train services from 6 to 9 in the morning were hit.

Suvendu also said, “One driver is injured and has been rushed to the hospital. The state has borne his treatment. The bus depots have been asked to keep communication with Kolkata police traffic.”

The state government has announced insurance if any government bus is attacked during strike day. If such a thing happens then an FIR must be lodged in the police station at a particular time. The application has to be made at Transport Bhawan 2 near Ruby.

Central Trade Unions Tuesday began a two-day nationwide strike to protest against the government’s alleged anti-worker policies and unilateral labour reforms.