Minimum Effect Of Strike At Haldia


Haldia: Once the reign of the Left was very strong in Haldia. But there was no effect there on Tuesday’s strike. Sporadic incidents took place like rally, fight with police and road blocks. But on average, the situation is normal at Haldia.

The common people said that the general strike did not evoke much response at Haldia. Few strike supporters could be seen at Haldia, Mahishadal and Sutahata. The police dispersed the mob. The transport service was normal too. The presence of labours were more that 70 percent.

All private and governmental buses were seen plying on roads. Representatives of the TMC party took to the streets so that the strike do not have any effect on the common people. Some strike supporters of the Haldia township’s left labour union were seen in the streets. The police dispersed them too after a fight with the supporters.

The left supporters tried to block the road at Mahishadal by setting fire on the streets. The police dispersed them too.