‘Miniature Modi’ Dolls A Big Hit In China


Beijing: When Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Hangzhou, China’s famed lake city, on Saturday night, he was rather a familiar face for Hangzhou’s residents.

Spotted in the by-lanes of Hangzhou’s renowned art district are ‘Miniature Modis’, the intricate dolls crafted by local artist Wu Xiaoli that have created quite a stir in this lake town. Wu said that she spent more than a year painstakingly crafting the dolls of Modi and 19 other leaders to mark the G20 Summit, which opens in Hangzhou on Sunday.

The dolls were produced with great detail, as she studied dozens of photographs and videos of Modi and other leaders. “I was happy to know my town Hangzhou is going to host the G20, so I wanted to do something special to mark the event. I worked on this for 10 months to get this ready in time for G20,” she said.

The art shop of the Lemantu Culture Company, which sits right on the banks of the Grand Canal, was packed today morning, with most
visitors looking for the G20 dolls. There was of course Chinese President Xi Jinping, depicted rather kindly as a lean figure, and US President Barack Obama who is a favourite in China.

A last minute addition was of Theresa May of the UK, who was hurriedly prepared after David Cameron resigned. The Cameron doll had to be
discarded. Wu is particularly fond of Modi, who she describes as a “handsome” leader. She placed a dove for peace on his shoulder, and also specially chose a lotus flower to be placed by his feet.

“This doll has been very popular with visitors,” she said. “I placed this dove as a symbol of peace for India and China, and also placed a lotus on the doll which I know is a special flower for India.”