Mimi Reveals The ‘Man’ In Her Life


Kolkata: While the media was abuzz with Suvasree-Raj-Mimi triangle love story, Mimi has put an end to all such rumours. There happens to be a man in Mimi’s life who has lend out all his support for Mimi.

So Mimi has another man in his life?

Mimi, one of the popular female actors of Tollywood, is a gossip for each and every audience as well as in social media. Recently due to her sickness she had to drop down her Bollywood career and return back to Kolkata. This made her depressed for few days but later on she controlled herself and moved ahead.

Again after the alleged breakup with director Raj Chakravarty she became the ‘talk of the town.’ Rubbishing off all rumours and Mimi has shown us the most valued person of her life.

Actually that beautiful man is none other than her father. Recently she posted a picture with him on twitter. In every girls life, a father plays an important role. He also holds a special place. She tweeted:

To the most handsome person in my life love u papa #HappyFathersday. She also posted several pictures along with it.

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