Mimi In Solidarity With Docs, Says May We See Light Sooner


Kolkata: West Bengal MP of Jadavpur and actor Mimi Chakrabarti joined the chorus of criticism against the state government’s high-handedness in the protest by doctors on Saturday.

She wrote in a post on Twitter: “I was down with severe stomach infection and 103 fever since last afternoon. I was panicking as I have a flight to take today which is incredibly a long way down had already gave up hopes that I could make it anymore, but I am thankful that my Doctor came to my rescue and with proper medication and a proper diet i see hopes of not cancelling my trip anymore.”

She added: “Our society is on a balance where everyone and everything in some way or the other is very important and dependent on each other. May we see light sooner.”

Another actor-turned-politician TMC MP Deepak Adhikari better known as Dev also expressed his support for doctors. He wrote that those who save our lives didn’t deserve to be beaten and it our responsibility to protect them.