Miley Cyrus Hit By Celebrity Nude Scandal


Los Angeles: The celebrity nude leak scandal aka the Fappening hits again, and its latest victim is Miley Cyrus.

The 24 year-old pop star saw nude pictures of herself leaked online couple of days ago. The many pictures show Miley standing topless in front of a bathroom mirror. The pictures seem to have been hacked from the star’s iCloud account, similar to the hacking of the accounts of various other celebrities. Along with Miley, pictures of Rosario Dawson and Suki Waterhouse were also posted on the website called Celeb Jihad.

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The pictures were leaked on the website that had also posted pictures of Amanda Seyfried and Emma Watson a month ago. The pictures of Watson showed her during a swimsuit fitting and Seyfried’s pictures showed her in various states of undress and during intimate moments with her former boyfriend. The pictures were ultimately taken down when both actresses’ teams threatened legal action.

The irony of it all is the fact that Miley isn’t a star known to shy away from the camera. In fact, the actress has shared several semi-nude pictures herself on her social media pages previously and is very comfortable with her body.

Other actresses and models have also been affected by the similar leak incidents over the past couple of years, including Demi Lovato, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Moss and Emily Ratajkowski.

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