Midnight Accident Over Rivalry In Kona Expressway


Howrah: A container and matador have plunged into the divider losing its control on Kona Expressway on Wednesday night. No casualty have been reported till now. Huge Traffic congestion followed by the incident.

As per the local source, two cars were moving towards Santragachi bridge from Kolkata. The incident took place at Jana Gate stoppage on Kona Expressway. The locals claimed that both the car were busy in rivalry throughout the road so the speed was comparatively high Suddenly the container truck sidelined the matador and lost its control and plunged into the road divider.


The incident caused huge traffic on the highway. The passengers claimed that two hours heavy congestion has followed the incident. The uncertainty prevailed on the highway due to strike and the incident has hindered normal flow of traffic.

Traffic police took an active role to fight the situation.As per the locals, the traffic police has worked fast to bring back the normalcy. Though it is nothing new in Kona expressway. The locals urged for tightening vigilance on the drivers to the administration.