Midnapore Witnesses Of Such A Shameful Act


Midnapore: Kabita Das, a homemaker was fainted after being subjected to the humiliation. As a kangaroo court allegedly organised by Trinamul in West Midnapore, gave suchn a shameful punishment.

Kabita Das, a party gram panchayat member’s wife was forced tp parade with a garland of shoes and squat repeatedly holding her ears for allegedly having backed the victorious BJP candidate on Friday in Bagdubi at the court allegedly convened by Ashis Patra, the Trinamul booth president, and around 25 others.

Gopal Das is an outgoing Trinamul member of the panchayat who did not get a ticket this time as the seat was reserved for women. Kabita Das is his wife and was being subjected to this kind of humiliation.

The couple had allegedly supported BJP’s Kajal Chakraborty, who won this time. In the 16-member gram panchayat, the BJP snatched four seats from Trinamul, including Bagdubi.

However, Gopal Das lodged a police complaint and said that his wife was made to walk through the entire village in full view of around 1,500 people, wearing a garland of shoes before being made to squat holding her ears in front of the Trinamul office.

Patra dismissed the allegations as “baseless”, claiming ignorance about “any such incident” and saying he was not present anywhere near the party office on Friday.