Middle-Class Kolkatans Anguished Over Soaring Fuel Price


Kolkata: Petrol and diesel rates were further hiked across the four metro cities on Saturday after recording the steepest ever rise on Friday. Petrol price soared today in Kolkata by whopping 39 paise which turned the price on 83 rupees 27 paise and diesel whopped 44 paise which set the diesel price on 75 rupees 36 paise.

The way the prices are increasing with each passing day, it seems that it would cross Rs. 100 per litre. It’s only the common man who is getting affected due to this.

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The Union petroleum and natural gas ministry said that the ongoing fuel price hike in the country is mainly due to the depreciation of the Indian rupee against the US dollar and the political situations in countries like Iran, Venezuela and Turkey have impacted the production of crude oil. So the upwarding price will effect the price in near future.

The political battle has started over fuel price. Keeping that in the background and protesting against fuel price hike and misrule of the BJP-led Central government, a 12-hour bandh has been called on September 10 by left front and supported by Congress.

The continuous price hike might have an effect on the price of daily good which will only affect common people. Interestingly, political battleground are strengthening their background involving the issue.