Microsoft Unveiled Touch Mouse For You


Washington: Microsoft has unveiled the Surface Laptop recently with Windows 10 S at an event in NewYork.

Apart from the laptop, Microsoft secretly launched the new Surface Arc mouse at the event as an accessory to the laptop. The mouse is the revamped version of the old Arc Mouse from Microsoft.

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The new Surface Arc mouse ditches the traditional scroll wheel and goes for an Apple mouse-esque touch strip on top of the two buttons. You can simply use the touch strip to scroll and navigate through various windows and lists. We have to say that touch strip makes the traditional mouse design extremely appealing.

The Surface Mouse retains the travel-friendly design, i.e you can snap it flat on the surface of the desk to switch it off and carry around with you and snap it up to switch it on and use with your computer. Microsoft touts it as the perfect travel companion for the Surface Laptop.
The Surface Arc mouse employs Bluetooth 4.0 for connecting with compatible hardware and is supported on Windows 8. 8.1 and 10. The two AAA batteries powering the mouse should last nine months.

The Surface Arc mouse comes in burgundy, blue and gray colours and is available in the US only for $80. The price is quite high for a computer accessory that will need frequent investments in the form of batteries. However, if you want one, Microsoft will start shipping it with the Surface Laptop in June 2017.

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