Microsoft To Catch Mosquito


Washington: Undisputed name in the software world, Microsoft is developing high-tech autonomous drones that will collect mosquitoes to look for early signs that potentially harmful viruses are spreading, with the goal of preventing disease outbreaks in humans.

The project named as ‘Project Premonition’ launched by Microsoft is developing a system to detect infectious like dengue fever or avian flu, outbreaks before they become widespread.

The team will use drones that can fly the mosquito traps into and out of remote areas in a semi-autonomous way, rather than having to be constantly directed from the ground. Researchers have developed a new mosquito trap that uses less energy and relies on lighter weight batteries.

It also has a new bait system for luring mosquitoes, a sensor that automatically sorts the mosquitoes from the other bugs and chemicals that can preserve the mosquitoes for lab study. It is expected to be significantly cheaper and lighter than current traps.

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