Microsoft Rendering Windows Vista Obsolete From April 11


Washington: Microsoft will be discontinuing the Windows Vista on Aprill 11, and this is undoubtedly a critical moment for the company itself, but also for its users. This is because of the systems that continue running the operating system, will no longer receive security patches and fixes.

This means they remain exposed to attacks targeting unpatched security vulnerabilities, and this is a usual phenomenon as most security issues exist in a majority of Windows versions.

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According to a statistics report by NetMarketShare, stats for Windows Vista indicate that users are finally ready to give up on what can be said as Microsoft worst flop in history. As of now, only 0.72 percent of the users are running Vista at this point, and with now about 10 days left to upgrade, there is a good chance that more of them would jump ship as well as soon as possible.

Microsoft’s job has been comparatively made easier, with only a few users impacted by the end of support. Unlike the retirement of Windows XP, when nearly 25 per cent of systems were still powered by Windows XP, giving up on Windows Vista will be much easier.

Microsoft will also offer custom support to companies willing to pay for updates and security patches until the upgrade is complete, but for home users transitioning to a new operating system is the only way to go.

Without an Internet connection, a Windows Vista system is less exposed to attacks, though there’s no doubt that sooner or later giving up on this old platform and switching to Windows 10 is the right long-term investment.

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