Microsoft clarifies stand on free Windows 10


New York: Tech giant Microsoft which is coming up with its brand new Microsoft Windows 10 has cleared the air about the availability of free Windows 10. The company has modified its blog post for the second time in three days to explain how it will offer free windows 10 to its users.

According to the latest statement, free windows 10 will be available to all individual consumers but with a few conditions.

Microsoft expects everyone to use Windows 10 only when they already have a genuine key for the previous windows. But the condition doesn’t seem to be binding.

The company seems to have divided the Windows 10 users into two groups. One group will have people who will upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or Windows 8 installed in their computers. In the same group Microsoft also includes people who will probably buy Windows 10.

The other group is the group of people who will get the final version of Windows 10 because they are part of Windows Insider Programme. One can easily join Windows Insider Programme if one runs a pirated version of Windows in their computer.