MH370 Search: Debris Matches Boeing 777


Kuala Lumpur: Drawing a step closer to unveiling the mystery of the ill-fated Malaysian aircraft MH370, a Malaysian official on Friday said that a part number on aircraft wreckage in the Indian Ocean confirms it came from a Boeing 777.  

"From the part number, it is confirmed that it is from a Boeing 777 aircraft. This information is from MAS (Malaysia Airlines). They have informed me," Deputy Transport Minister Abdul Aziz Kaprawi told AFP.

The wing component found on the French island of La Reunion bears the part number "657 BB", according to photos of the debris. Abdul Aziz's remarks are the latest by officials involved in the hunt for MH370 to indicate the increasingly likelihood that the piece of wreckage came from the missing Malaysia Airlines flight, a Boeing 777 aircraft.

Hopes are rising fast that the part can soon be conclusively identified to solve the mystery of MH370, which vanished 16 months ago with 239 people aboard.

The two-metre (six-foot) long piece of wreckage, known as a flaperon, has been sent to France for analysis.