Metro Ticket Price Likely To Hike Before Durga Puja


Kolkata: Metro ticket price may hike before Durga Puja, according to Metro Rail. Reportedly, metro rail will give proposal to Ministry of railway. The Metro Railway authority has stated that the expense is higher than income which is damaging the infrastructure. The authority is also open to invite suggestions from Rail ministry to increase income.

The Public Relations Officer of Metro Railway Indrani Banerjee said on this issue that, financial condition of Metro Railway is not good. To earn 268, one has to spend 100. To complete the deficit circle ticket price hike is necessary.

According to the rail source, IIM Joka has already placed some substitute plan to Metro Railway. To earn money advertisement of metro piller and escalator must be given. Apparently suggested to allow medicine store in the metro station. All these suggestions will be forwarded to rail board.

The last hike was in 2013. Presently the minimum price is rupees five. According to the metro officials, at least 7 lakh people used to travel daily so it demands maintainence cost. But the chance of price hike before Lok Sabha is standing before uncertainty.