Metro Stations Haunted By Seepage, Leaks


New Delhi: While heavy rain brought Delhi to a standstill last week, it also brought numerous seepage and leak problems. Structural defects along the Airport Express Metro line that led to damage to bearings and seepage on underground metro stations in 2012, may come back to haunt DMRC.

Following heavy rain in the past week, the New Delhi Metro station has started showing ominous signs again. Water can be seen streaming down concrete walls along both the HUDA City Centre and Jahangirpuri corridor. The water drips dangerously on electrical lines. It collects along the length of the two tracks with yellow-black sludge and silt.

Further, the roof of the two platforms is also leaking water at various points. A small water-stream was noticed at the entrance of the Jahangirpuri line platform, emanating from near tubelights. There was a pool of water below. Commuters also expressed irritation over water falling on them, their mobiles and other belongings. Services on the 22.7-km Airport Metro were suspended in July 2012 after structural defects were noticed manifesting in seepage in the underground tunnel.

On September 17 2012, the seepage at the tunnel between New Delhi station and Shivaji Stadium was 17 times more than the permissible limit. The tunnel between New Delhi station and Shivaji Stadium was at the deepest point due to which slight oozing of water had been witnessed.