Metro Railway To Start Announcements Inside Coaches & On Platforms


Kolkata: Metro commuters are cautious on the platforms and elsewhere within the station premises, thanks to the CCTV cameras and patrolling security personnel. But they don’t hesitate to litter inside the coaches, particularly in the vestibules. In some rakes, the walls of vestibules are smeared with pan masala stains, thanks to people claiming they take pride in what has now emerged as the city’s lifeline.

Faced with this situation, Metro Railway general manager Ajay Vijayvargiya has instructed officials to start announcements inside coaches as well as on platforms, appealing to commuters not to litter. They will also be asked over the public address system not to lean on the doors or obstruct their movement during closure.

“The GM inspected the Noapara carshed on Saturday and spoke to officers involved in maintenance, learning the habits of commuters. There was a time, not so long ago, when commuters went out of their way to maintain cleanliness on trains and platforms. What more can we do but raise awareness? Commuters also have the habit of leaning on doors and preventing their closure with feet and bags. The sliding doors are very sensitive and their balance is crucial. Due to such acts, the doors sometimes refuse to close at stations causing delays,” Metro Railway CPRO Indrani Banerjee said.

To ensure better monitoring of systems in the rakes, Vijayvargiya inaugurated a device called the Relay Test Console. The equipment will ensure that the relays leading to systems, including doors, traction and lighting, work properly before the rakes roll out for commercial services. These checks were carried out manually till now.