Met Predicts Rain Relief For Bengal


Kolkata: The Alipore’s weather forecast department has informed that Kolkata will experience rain on Monday. Finally, a relief to all. A few districts of North Bengal is expected to receive rainfall on Monday. Apart from this, South Bengal is also going to receive rainfall. It has been forecasted that Birbhum, Purulia and Bakura will have a downpour on Monday. Some areas of South Bengal is also supposed to experience rain.

The depression created over Jharkhand is the probable reason for Monday’s supposed downpour. As a result, the temperature is likely to reduce. The temperature has been comparatively less since the morning on Monday. Monday’s temperature was 39 degree Celsius. The temperature for the past one week was between 40 to 42 degree Celsius. Bakura and Purulia’s temperature was 46 degree Celcius. The humidity even reached its height.