Mesmerizing Lip Art Takes Social Media By Storm


From eyes drawn on hands and sparkling glitter tears, to incredible character make up and hairstyling skills, 2016 has seen an array of weird and wonderful beauty trends take hold on social media.

And now, make up gurus around the world are once again blurring the line between make up and art with impressive examples of ‘lip art’.

Instagram has been flooded with stunning snaps of playful rainbow lips stamped with realistic pictures, jewels and creative images – each of the make up pros earning praise for their alternative and often wacky designs.

One photographer, Jill, recently shared a snap of her mesmerising ‘dripping saturated sunrise’ creation, where she used orange, pink, purple and blue make up to create a glittering sunrise look and added gloss to create a shimmering ‘drip’.

Self-taught make up artist GrinandDagger also jumped on board the trend with a stunning Disney Princess creation.

‘I picked Pocahontas so that I could paint with all the colours of the wind!’ She wrote next to her Pocahontas look, which she created using liquid lipstick and paint.

‘I was so excited about this week’s theme I had to post mine a bit early! It’s BIRDS,’ make up ‘addict’ Heather wrote alongside a snap of her raven-inspired lips.

Her shimmering green lip was framed by an eerie looking raven which she created using black and white body paint, pigment and eyeshadow.

One of the most impressive looks was by Sydney-based make up artist Miss Jazmin, who based her lip art on nails her friend made.

Her incredible styled lips were detailed with intricate golden roses, pink, green and purple flowers and ombre pinks and purples.

Make up artist Andrea showed off her very first attempt at ‘drip lip art’ with an intricate honeycomb-themed lip.

‘I got honey all over my shirt,’ Andrea wrote, who used liquid lipsticks and waterproof creme colours to transform her lips into gooey honeycomb.

One make up artist transformed his lips into golden marble – which he matched to his nails – and another rocked a ‘vintage floral’ look with pastels and edgy pink ‘sunflowers.’

Make up artist Britta showed off a bright pink matte lip and attached crystal sprinkles to it to create ‘sugar’ and Soolmoz, an esthetician, kept it simple with a stunning ‘dripping in gold’ look with eye-popping golden glitter.

For a quirky twist, one glazed her lips with glitter over the top of a dark pink colour, before adding chunks of foil through it.

Another showed off a gothic black shiny incomplete lip where she then drew a series of musical notes – the final look appearing as though her make up was dissolving into music.

Metallic drip work is a common trend throughout the lip artworks, with thousands trying their hand at different colour combinations, glosses and textures.

One showcased a striking neon look, based on ‘cool art’ she found on Google, where she painted her top lip fluro pink, the bottom fluro yellow and added dripping pink gloss over the top.

Another stuck a train of orange gems along the edges of her raven black matte lips.

Playful themes also included ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ where an artist stuck cupcakes and swirls over her pastel blue lipstick and ‘Salmon Nigiri’ where make up artist Vlada Haggerty transformed her lips into a piece of sushi.

An amusing yet strangely beautiful look was created by make up artist Kelsie Wynn, who made it look as though yellow glittering mucus was dripping down her face – alongside the drips placing little multicoloured gems.

One artist recreated a picture of three cats sitting under the moon and stars onto her lips using eyeliner, glitter and lipstick and another used a picture of a sunset her friend took as inspiration for her ‘dream skies’ look.

Another transformed her lips and eyes into butterfly wings with liquid eyeliner, rainbow make up and intricate, immaculate lines.

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