Mercury Dip Brewing Chances Of Steady Winter In Bengal


Kolkata: Mecury started to dip in Kolkata and other districts from November 21. But the city has witnessed the coldest day on Friday with the north-westerly wind beginning to enter West Bengal.

The MET office said that the highest and lowest gap will be here in this season. Kolkata witnessed 18 degree on Thursday. On Friday it became 17 degree. There will be no change in the weather condition.

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North wind would not be hindered to its entry to Bengal. It may be stated that the north-westerly wind has begun to enter the state as the sky turned clear leading to the dip in temperature giving the city dwellers a feel of the winter in the third week of November itself.

But, as per the prediction of the MeT department, Kolkatans have to wait at least until the second week of December for the cold weather. The temperature in other parts of the state has also dropped. In Sriniketan, the maximum and minimum temperatures were 29.9 degree Celsius and 12.4 degree Celsius respectively. In Darjeeling, minimum temperature recorded was 5 degree Celsius. In Panagarh and Krishnagar, the minimum temperature was 12 degree Celsius and 14.8 degree Celsius respectively. It was 16.4 degree Celsius in Digha.

Quite similar weather will continue for the next two to three days and with the change in season, doctors have cautioned people to take necessary precautions to avoid getting affected by diseases like common cough and cold and running nose. Doctors have advised not to avoid using woollens, especially during morning time and at night.

With the dip in the minimum temperature to 17.9 degree Celsius in Kolkata, a large section of the city dwellers, mainly bikers, were found wearing jackets while riding their two-wheelers.

Interestingly, with the drop in the mercury, sweet shops will do brisk business within a few days’ time with people coming to the shops to inquire about the state’s very own “nalen gurer sandesh,” a world-famous delicacy which becomes all the more tastier with the golden winter sun, which pours sweetness and light into the sweet.